Multi-instrumentalist performer, composer, arranger, producer, music coach and music director, Stuart has been based in Sydney since 2000 and has performed locally, nationally and internationally in a diverse range of musical settings. A saxophone specialist, he is also proficient on the nay (Arabic flute) family, clarinet and other woodwinds. 


Stuart's affinity is within the spaces where traditional and ethnic music has been harmoniously blended with the mainstream. Australia is uniquely placed in time, geographic location and ethnic makeup to make the most of the possibilities that such collaborations can offer.

As a soloist, section member, composer and arranger, Stuart has worked with many prominent Australian ensembles and has extensive composition credits for groups varying from solos and duets to expanded wind orchestras.

He also writes reviews for LoudMouth magazine and hosted radio shows for 10 years, mainly on 89.7FM Eastside Radio and ComRadSat.