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Multi-instrumentalist performer/composer Stuart Vandegraaff has been based in Sydney since 2000 and has recorded widely and performed locally, nationally, and internationally in a diverse range of musical settings. Classically trained, with an undergraduate in Jazz and a Master's in Arabic maqam study, Stuart is a saxophone specialist (SATB) with additional proficiencies on the nay (Arabic flute) family, clarinets, and a wide variety of other woodwinds.


A lifelong devotee of jazz and global styles, Stuart's musical affinity lies within the spaces where diverse traditions of music are harmoniously blended. Australia is uniquely placed in time, geographic location, and multicultural makeup to make the most of the possibilities that such collaborations can offer. Stuart has undertaken numerous extensive trips to Europe, the Middle-East, USA, Brazil and India to study and perform with recognised world exponents.

Stuart is director of Masha’s Legacy  and SEV, member of the Zela Margossian Quintet, Mara's Musica Viva show Music in My Suitcase, Elsen Price's The EJT, the Mell-O-Tones Big Band, the orchestra of the Andalus Arabic Choir, Kim Sander's Friends and is a frequent collaborator in a range of jazz, traditional, contemporary and hybrid musical forms. Other credits include the national tour of Hair! (2019), international tour with Aref (2018), NSW Police Band member (2017-2018), RAN Band member (2000-2004), and Stuart has recorded, performed and toured nationally and internationally with many acclaimed groups including Lah-Lah's Big Live Band, The Enormous Horns, Monsieur Camembert, Lolo Lovina, and many others. 


A strong advocate for community music, Stuart hosted local and national radio programs in Sydney for almost a decade, while also participating in and promoting community music-making at all levels, particularly with the Brazilian choro, Arabic and Indian communities, and is a reviewer for e-zine Loudmouth.


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