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Samba Azul is the complete Brazilian music package - from intimate and nostalgic duo performances, to the full Samba band experience complete with capoeira dancers and sambistas. These master musicians and performers draw from their extensive knowledge of Brazilian styles including Samba, Bossa Nova, Chorinho, Samba-Reggae, MPB, Forro and Brasilian jazz and can tailor their performances to almost any situation, from the concert stage, to atmospheric smaller ensemble presentations, to the full stage show Carnaval experience! Regular members include Marcelo D'Avila, Stuart Vandegraaff, Stan Valacos, Ricardo Steyer, Renato Feijo, Tiago Passos, Edgee Ribiero, Dan Holland and many other top flight performers, who feature in other Brazilian and crossover groups including Kriola Collective, Performing Brazil, Anna Salleh's Gorgeous Band, the Clube Nacional de Chorinho na Australia, and the Brazil-Australia Band.


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Under construction.

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