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Safe Haven (sample) - Masha's Legacy
Las Estreyas (sample) - Masha's Legacy

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Masha Kleinzinger was a refugee, survivor and mother whose approach to life can be summed up in her own words:


“I could choose to cry for the rest of my life or laugh – I chose to laugh.”


Masha’s Legacy is exactly this: to allow the events of your life and circumstance to shape you, but not to define you. It is an ethos of collaboration, celebration and pluralism: making the most of our diverse experience and backgrounds. We celebrate the transcendence of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Expect oriental sounds, deep groove, a touch of Flamenco, improvisation and something original - Masha's melting pot is deep and fragrant. Each performer is a renowned exponent of various forms of Global styles, with specialist experience among the group spanning Egyptian, Greek, Jazz, Flamenco, Brazilian, Spanish, Cuban, Middle-Eastern, Funk, Klezmer and many other styles. The resulting blend is a 100% locally sourced free range organic Australian original.

The musicians:

Stuart Vandegraaff – MD, reeds; Christopher Soulos – electric bass, FX; Elsen Price - contrabass; Mohammed Lelo – Qanun; Adem Yilmaz – percussion; Nick Southcott – keyboards; James Tawadros – percussion; Miriam Waks – vocal; Jrisi Jusakos - dance

Previously featured artists include Adnaan Barake (‘oud), Jessica Moreno (dance), Fay Sussman (vocal), Nadya Golski (vocal), Emad Nosir (violin), Walid Bebe (nay), Yuval Ashkar ('oud), Deva Permana (percussion), Hilary Cinis (dance), Nancy Nesnas (dance), Mina d'Oro (dance) and many others.

**** "This album shows Australian multiculturalism is not just alive and well, it is sometimes soaring to the heavens, whether jubilantly or with exquisite melancholy." 

- John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

“Masha’s Legacy … has created one of the best cross-cultural albums I’ve heard in a long time.”Peter Winkler, Loud Mouth


Co-produced by Christopher Soulos and Stuart Vandegraaff, Masha's Legacy's debut album "Safe Haven" was recorded on 30 and 31 July 2016 at iconic studio Music Feeds (formerly Magaphon). The session was engineered by Guy Dickerson with the assistance of George Sheridan. This recording is a significant artistic statement on multiculturalism, interfaith and the unique collaborative possibilities available in modern Australia. The launch on January 25, 2017 was the perfect date for us all to celebrate the true evolution of inclusive diversity in our peaceful land of sunshine.

You can visit our facebook page, or view video footage here.

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